Voting rights advocates in the Buckeye State are rightly opposed to Ohio House Bill 294 which is designed to place additional limits on access to the ballot.

The bill is defended by the usual conservative talking points about “securing the ballot.” But the bill is also part of a nationwide conservative reaction to President Joe Biden’s defeat of Donald Trump in the recent general election. The aptly-named Wallbuilders and the well-know American Legislative Exchange Council, two right-wing bill mills, have enabled a proliferation of voter suppression bills like HB 294. There are some positive things about HB 294 but it…

The situation of athletic deficits at the University of Cincinnati is a case study for how off track athletics have become at the nation’s colleges and universities and, in fact, have become destructive to the academic missions.

The University of Cincinnati athletic department set a record deficit in 2019 by losing more than $30.4 million in 2019–2020, according to the most recent NCAA financial report.

This record deficit was brought to our attention when UC Athletic Director John Cunningham stated to the Enquirer on January 26 that the department had earned a surplus. Other athletic directors in the past and…

For high quality, affordable, and accessible higher education, there is something dangerous going on at the University of Akron (UA). Because of reckless actions of the Board of Trustees and the attempt to undermine one of Ohio’s fine universities, the AAUP is calling for the resignations of the Board of Trustees and the university president.

After nearly a decade of actively incompetent administration, the trustees are trying to force a new contract — a “last best offer” — on the unionized faculty at UA. Among other items, the process includes a ”hitlist” of 97 faculty positions to be eliminated. Seventy…

It is time to save higher education from the pillaging done by academic bureaucrats

Flickr photo by Brandon Bartoszek

One of the truly frustrating things about working for reforms in higher education is to get our college and university administrators to put education first and not allow the resources of the institutions to get hijacked for other purposes. The inability to focus on the real problems is widespread and yet the solutions are right there before everyone’s eyes. They only require the courage to address them.

The Covid-19 crisis has shined a bright light on the routine and typical mismanagement of our private and public universities. …

Flickr photo by Rob Amend

Colleges and universities are being pummeled by the financial impact of the coronavirus. Every day brings more bad news: cuts to state support, large deficits, questionable fall enrollment, and questions as to what degree campuses will be open.

Yet, amid the human tragedy, we should see the crisis as an opportunity for reform. Most of the nation’s colleges and universities have engaged in serious mission creep for years by expanding into activities remote from their academic mission. Sadly, for too many of our universities, education and research almost seem to be peripheral activities. And, in the financial strain of the…

John McNay

History professor at the University of Cincinnati, active in the American Association of University Professors, union advocate, Cold War historian.

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